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Thanks to a proactive collaboration, we follow the needs of those who choose our services and we give a concrete form to ideas, exploiting all the potential of a particular context and increasing its value.


Architecture is first of all communication, it is a way to speak, to share and to influence people's experience.


Whether if it's a house, a restaurant, a bookshop or a garden: we capture the beauty in shapes and materials by creating fascinating and efficient designs.


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Francesco Scialla is an architect originally from Southern Italy with over 15 years of specialized experience in site plan development, schematic design, key business coordination, interior design, and digital modeling focused on residential and commercial architecture projects.

He received his Master's Degree in Architecture before continuing his studies in Naples, his hometown, with a PhD course in Architecture, Industrial Design and Cultural Heritage.

Francesco dealt with various realities traveling to the United States, Albania, India, Japan and Europe, dealing with the immersion of architecture in the cultural landscape context of the time and place and contributing to the restoration and enhancement of archaeological sites. Driven by a strong passion for architecture and interior design, in 2020 he founded Francesco Scialla Architecture & Interior Design based in USA.

Francesco's work has been presented in several prestigious publications including: Luigi Vanvitelli and the Caserta Royal Palace, The Transformation of the city of Caserta, Knowledge analysis and representation of the fortified architecture in Albania, The Representation of the territory as an instrument of survey of the UNESCO Heritage in Montenegro on the Adriatic Coast, The Survey Image Innovative Methods and Instrument.

Born in Italy, Susanna Castiello moved to the United States in 2014 and has previously lived in New York and Orlando before relocating to Tampa in 2021.


She comes from a family of architects who helped shape her interest in the Italian contemporary design.

She is interested in bringing European and Italian design elements to the American market and she believes in the impact of good interior design on people’s lives. She’s committed to navigating the clients though the world of design and helping them discover their house potential.

She has experience in finding European furniture and designers in the American market.


While in New York, she worked as an Assistant Urban Designer at the New York City Department of City Planning focusing on waterfront developments and good urban design practices, community engagement and rezonings.

While in Italy, she had the opportunity to focus on environmental problems in the Naples area and on the role of drosscapes in the contemporary planning.

Susanna holds a Bachelor of Science with High Honors in Urban Planning, Landscape, Territorial and Environmental Planning from University of Naples "Federico II" and a Master of Science in Architecture and Urban Design from Columbia University, New York.




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